Men in Tights

The Irish team land in Oz.

With Australia set to field what is considered their strongest ever team in this weekend’s International Rules Test, it was an interesting piece of reverse psychology by Irish management to get the players to travel in fancy dress as Robin Hood’s men in Tights.

Yes we know, before the players and performance coaches get all antsy with us we know they were compression tights designed to keep the muscles in good order during the long haul, but they could have been removed before the lads pranced through departures. The Aussies will be dungin the togz watching that. Of course they will. As the oul fella says when he saw it on the telly, look at the shape of them bollixes. And when he recognized big Murphy the man was affronted completely.

Lets hope they win the match, then everyone will be wearing tights. Up with that sort of thing.

by michael