Social Media Gives You The Skitter

Given the hullabaloo surrounding players and social media, boys ranting on about match officials and umpires on Twitter night and day and abusing unsuspecting journalists, the GAA has come down hard, too damn hard according to some people.

Folks are affronted that cubs don’t have the God given right to say whatever they want on Twitter. Many of these are the same people that pay a few pound into a club game and think that gives them the right to shout whatever they want at players. Gobshitery. It’s alive and well.

The solution’s close at hand. We’re working on a new social media platform that is safe to use in the quietness and decency of your own home. I suppose its social because it doesn’t annoy anyone but the trick is, it’s also antisocial because no-one can see it. Yes, that’s the secret. Once you write a message and hit send it is posted and absolutely no-one can see it. You get to absolve your frustration, vent your anger and flush your pipes without disturbing anyone, or worse still getting yourself suspended.

We’re still working on a name but The Skitter is the favourite. As in ‘have you got the skitter yet?’ Pretty soon everyone will be talking about it. Watch this space.

by michael