A Dog’s Life Being a Manager

An authentic brown envelope. The name is scored out for obvious reasons.
Shops selling brown envelopes are set to come under surveillance following the decision by the GAA to enforce its existing policy on the payment of managers.

After all the hullabaloo over the vexed issue of payments, methinks they doth protest too much down in Croke Park and environs.

I think we have all been victims of a scam, a hoax, a cunning trick and a clever plan whereby the Powers that Be were seen to exercise due diligence by admitting there was a problem and agreeing to consult membership and from there do something  about it. The endgame? Well that’s easy figured out!

Of course the majority of counties duly came back and called upon Croke Park to endorse, reinforce and implement the status quo rather than introduce some regulated and limited form of payment to managers.

The irony and risibility of this cannot be lost on ordinary members. Counties whose roads are rife with coaches driving back and forth in well fuelled cars to take teams voted against any form of regulation. Now according to their will the only show in town as far managers are concerned, is the legitimate over-the-counter sort of  payment that isn’t causing anyone problem. So no point talking about that.

As for the other sort of problem, the under the counter, envelope in the back pocket, fill your car up there or here’s a load of free meat to keep you going nudge nudge. Well that doesn’t exist does it? You can’t touch what you can’t see can you? So how is anything to be done about this. God only knows.

Monday’s GAA statement said that the majority of counties had opted against such a change of policy to a regulated system (which would have been flouted anyway).

The management committee has now been mandated to fully implement the sport’s current official policy which bans payments to managers other than agreed expense.

“In their submissions, the vast majority of counties advocated the implementation of the association’s existing policy, rules and guidelines on its amateur status.”

“Management Committee approved the engagement of external expertise to assist in the development of procedures and actions to give effect to such implementation.

“On completion of this work, a report will be presented to the Management Committee.”

(Now I’m really crapping it!)

While the GAA has now indicated that it intends to tackle the area of unofficial payments to managers, it remains to be seen whether this will be possible in practice.

I wouldn’t be holding my breath. And by the way, a white envelope will do the job just as handy!

PS: Anyone know how to set up a bank account in the name of your dog?

by joe