Doing Excellence, Donegal Style

Donegal County Board are reported to be close to a decision on where to locate their long awaited centre of excellence. Teams of officials have looked at a wide range of potential locations including Tory Island for its isolation, Dungloe for the attractions and burger vans of the Mary of competition of the same name, Rossnowlagh for its cross community appeal and Muff for obvious reasons. It is understood that players gave a commitment to Yer-man-whatyemaycallhim to train wherever the centre was located in a bid to bring Sam back to the Hills for the first time since 1992. That is if they don’t drive the Ardboe native to the Hills with their shenanigans.

Usually it’s about this time of the year the Donegal men develop a great thirst and a surge in the loins. It is believed the drouth has its origins in the county’s history going back centuries, when the young working men of Donegal sought seasonal work at the hiring fairs round about this time of year. With the fairs came the usual lowering of pints of stout and tacklin’ women and the sorts of lowerings of other things that went with that.

This is replicated by the modern red-blooded Tir Connell man, who typically battens down the red hair, puts a bit of whitewash on the big weatherbeaten cheeks and heads down to Letterkenny in the twin-cam or souped up fiat uno in search of drunk women from Tyrone or Derry in town on the piss looking romance Donegal-style.

A good night out ends with change out of fifty euro, a feed of southern fried chicken and chips and six minutes of passion with a cross border dimension maybe in the back of the twincam if they’re lucky.

Sounds excellent anyway.

by chris